Trouble In Shangri-La Album

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On May 1, 2001 Stevie released Trouble In Shangri-La which was her return to music since the ill received Street Angel in 1994. The inspiration for this album came from asking Tom Petty to help her write a song feeling that she had lost her faith in her songwriting abilities. This question led to her writing the songs That Made Me Stronger, and Love Is. While the majority of the songs were newer Candlebright, Sorcerer, Planets of the Universe dated back to the 70s with Sorcerer being performed during the Buckingham Nicks tour. Stevie also provided backing vocals for the song in 1984 when the song performed by Marilyn Martin was included on the Streets of Fire soundtrack. The songs If You Ever Did Believe, and Touched By An Angel were considered for Shangri-La but were instead used on movie soundtracks. Sheryl Crow whom Stevie has collaborated & performed with numerous times appeared on the album for vocals & songwriting and also appeared in the video for Sorcerer. Upon the album’s release it hit the top 5 the first time since 1983’s The Wild Heart, achieving Gold status within six weeks of its release for shipping 500,000 copies in the U.S

1. Trouble in Shangri-La
2. Candlebright
3. Sorcerer
4. Planets of the Universe
5. Every Day
6. Too Far from Texas (Duet With Natalie Maines)
7. That Made Me Stronger
8. It’s Only Love
9. Love Changes
10. I Miss You
11. Bombay Sapphires (Featuring Macy Gray)
12. Fall from Grace
13. Love Is