Say You Will Album

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The final studio album for Fleetwood Mac to release, does not feature Christine as she left the band in 1998 due to a severe phobia of flying. Originally planned as a solo album by Buckingham it also feature John and Mick, Stevie was brought in to add material from her end. She contributed more songs then on any other Mac album, with 10 of the songs being written or co-written with other songwriters. The song Illume (9/11) was written about Stevie’s experience of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City. On that day she arrived in New York to perform on the Trouble in Shangri-La Tour. Not all the of the songs were new with Smile at You dating back to the recording of Tusk. Not Make Believe was availabe on the deluxe edition of Say You Will which was included along with AOL Performances and the Dylan penned Love Minus Zero/No Limit performed by the band.

1. What’s the World Coming To?
2. Murrow Turning Over in His Grave
3. Illume (9-11)
4. Thrown Down
5. Miranda
6. Red Rover
7. Say You Will
8. Peacekeeper
9. Come
10. Smile at You
11. Running Through the Garden
12. Silver Girl
13. Steal Your Heart Away
14. Bleed to Love Her
15. Everybody Finds Out
16. Destiny Rules
17. Say Goodbye
18. Goodbye Baby
19. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
20. Not Make Believe
21. Peacekeeper (Live from Sessions@AOL)
22. Say You Will (Live from Sessions@AOL)