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Birth Name: Stephanie Lynn Nicks

Birthday: 5/26/1948

Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona

Trademark: Distinctive singing voice, mystical style, and symbolic/poetic lyrics.

Nickname: Rock’s Fairy Godmother, Reigning Queen of Rock & Roll

Born Stephanie Lynn on May 26, 1948 she earned her nickname Stevie due to pronouncing her name as Tee-Dee also leading to her mother’s nicknaming her Tee-Dee Bird. Her mother, Barbara instilled in her a love a fairy tales which she read over and over to her as a little girl. As a baby even in the crib she loved music, but it was with her grandfather AJ Nicks that she would be introduced to singing. At 4 years old, Stevie started singing country-western duets with her grandfather their first song was Are You Mine by Red Sovine. When she was 15 she recieved her first guitar while taking lessons she would write her first song, I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost when she was 16 knowing then she wanted to be a songwriter.

During her high school years she took part in a band called The Changing Times however there is little information available about her time with this band. When she was a senior in high school, she met Lindsey Buckingham during a church meeting when he was singing California Dreamin’.  After harmonizing with Lindsey she introduced herself but did not see him again for another two years when he asked her to join Fritz. Starting out at fraternity parties they went on to open for well known artists including Janis Joplin, & Jimi Hendrix.

After leaving the band, the folk duo of Buckingham and Nicks went on to sign with Polydor records to record their debut and only album Buckingham Nicks. Touring for the record resulted in a following unfortunately the label dropped them as they were working on material for a potential sophomore album. However while looking for a new recording studio for Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood heard Frozen Love and was amazed by Buckingham’s guitar style. When the current guitarist for Mac quit, Lindsey was asked to join the band which he said he would only if Stevie could join as well.

The band began working on the 1975 Fleetwood Mac album which feature Rhiannon, and Landslide which are signature songs that Stevie performs during concerts. However in 1977 the band’s popularity skyrocketed upon the release of the Grammy award winning Rumours album. The name coming from the turmoil that the band was going through with the breakup of Stevie & Lindsey among other issues. With such songs as The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, and Dreams written by Stevie and the band’s only #1 single it would go on to win Album of the Year in 1978.

The band would later release Tusk which was not as popular as it’s predecessor and Fleetwood Mac Live in 79 & 1980 but by then Stevie was ready to start branching out on her own to begin a solo career. In 1981 she released her platinum selling debut album Bella Donna which hit #1 upon its release. Featuring guest vocals by Tom Petty & Don Henley  and hit songs Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, Leather & Lace, and Edge of Seventeen. 

In 1982, the Mac would go on to release Mirage while she would also release her 2nd solo album The Wild Heart which featured songs such as Stand Back a concert mainstay and the ballad Beauty and the Beast.  In 1985 after releasing Rock A Little,  Stevie entered the Betty Ford Center due to her battle cocaine addiction. 1987 saw the release of Tango In The Night which Stevie was hardly present for due to promotion for Rock A Little as well as a growing addiction to Klonopin. In 1989, The Other Side of the Mirror was released with its Alice in Wonderland like theme featuring the hit single, Rooms on Fire. In 1990 Fleetwood Mac released the album Behind The Mask the first to not feature Buckingham which was met with moderate success. Stevie would depart from the band after the world tour due to a dispute with Mick Fleetwood about including Silver Springs on a box set. In 1991, and 1992 Timespace: The Best Of Stevie Nicksand The Chain: 25 Years was released the later featuring Silver Springs.

1992 saw a reunion of sorts when Fleetwood Mac came together to perform during the inaugural gala for then President, Bill Clinton. In 1993 Stevie entered rehab again to battle her klonopin addiction. During this time after the succesful completion of the 47 day detox her album Street Angel was released on June 7, 1994. However she was terribly unhappy with the final product which she had no control over. After touring to promote the album she vowed to never perform again due to poor reception of her appearance and the album. However in 1996 she reunited with Lindsey for the song Twisted which was included on the Twister soundtrack and also covered Free Fallin for Party of Five.

1997 was the 20th Anniversary of the release of Rumoursand also the year the band would reform releasing The Dance Album which corresponded with the tour of the same name. In the past 20 years Stevie’s career has hit its stride again after the disappointment of her 1994 album. The 3 disc Enchanted box set contained a plethora of music spanning her career with and is much sought after by diehard fans. Trouble In Shangri-La was a musical collaboration with longtime friend singer, Sheryl Crow which was started as she was coming out of the klonopin haze of the 90s and was her 2000s return to music that put her back at the top. Say You Will is Fleetwood Mac’s only album of the Rumours lineup to not feature Christine who left the band (and has since returned in 2014) and is their last studio album to date.

Since then Stevie has released The Soundstage Sessions & , which was a live album made in Chicago during a special concert and is her only solo live album. Dave Stewart collborated in 2011 to create the In Your Dreams as well as the accompanying movie which documented the making of the album. Stevie released 24 Kt Gold in 2014 the album includes new versions of demos that Nicks primarily recorded between 1969 and 1987, though two songs date back to 1994 and 1995. Finally a compilation ranging from 1981- 2017 was released in 2019 entitled Stand Back.

In 2011 made her TV debut portraying herself during an episode of the comedy show Up All Night starring Christina Applegate. Her appearances in Season 3 & 8 of the horror anthology show American Horror Story put her music out there for a newer generation due to the popularity of the show. Finally in 2019, she was given the honor of being the only female artist to be twice inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame after being inducted as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998.